Diana: Death of a Goddess

Автор: Cohen D.

От издателя:

12:23 a.m. August 31st 1997. The Mercedes driven by Henri Paul in which Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and Trevor Rees-Jones were travelling crashes into a pillar in the Alma tunnel in Paris, killing Paul, Dodi and Diana and seriously injuring Rees-Jones. That much is certain. But little else.

David Cohen never expected to be investigating Diana’s death. But after a reliable source asked him to fly to Geneva to listen to a dramatic story, he soon found himself on the trial of a young Englishwoman who, he increasingly came to realize, had been tragically out of her depth in the company of drugs dealers, arms dealers and secret service operators. Cohen reveals answers to some of the most troubling questions surrounding the events of that night. He discloses why the Mercedes was taking the wrong route to Dodi’s flat. He uncovers incriminating information about the owner of the infamous Fiat Uno. He reveals Henri Paul’s true role with M16. And, after years of investigation, he explains the links between the mysterious cult, The Order of the Solar Temple – whose members, including Princess Grace of Monaco, have died in a series of suspicious circumstances – and the circumstances surrounding Diana on the night she died.

Библиографическое описание:
Cohen D. Diana : Death of a Goddess / David Cohen. - London : Arrow Books, 2005. - 388 p.

Инв. номер: 1491136-ЦМИР

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